NIGALE's Plasma Separator Products Are Widely Used in Convalescent Plasma Treatment for COVID-1
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NIGALE's Plasma Separator Products Are Widely Used in Convalescent Plasma Treatment for COVID-19

China has developed convalescent plasma to treat patients who are infected with the COVID-19After strict blood biosafety tests, virus inactivation and antiviral activity tests, they have successfully used it to treat critically ill patients. What hyperimmune globulin does is it concentrates the antibodies in a recovered patient. You are essentially giving the new victim's immune system a boost of antibodies to hopefully get them through the very difficult phase. 

Three critically ill patients in a hospital in the Jiangxia District of Wuhan received convalescent plasma treatment on Feb. 8. Currently, more than 10 critically ill patients have received the treatmentAccording to clinical results, 12 to 24 hours after the patients received the treatment, they have shown improved clinical symptoms, with main inflammatory indexes decreased significantly and some key indexes such as blood oxygen saturation improving comprehensively. 

Dr. Kong Yuefeng, a recovered COVID-19 patient, donates plasma via Blood component separator XCF3000 from Sichuan Nigale Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Wuhan blood center in central China's Hubei province on Tuesday (Feb 18).

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