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Revolutionizing COVID-19 Treatment: The NGL XCF 3000 Convalescent Plasma Machine
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Revolutionizing COVID-19 Treatment: The NGL XCF 3000 Convalescent Plasma Machine

Wuhan, China – During the battle against COVID-19, convalescent plasma therapy has emerged as a beacon of hope for critically ill patients. Our company is proud to announce that our product, The NGL XCF 3000, has played a pivotal role in this life-saving treatment.


Enhancing Immune Response with Hyperimmune Globulin

Convalescent plasma therapy involves concentrating antibodies from recovered patients to boost the immune response in new victims. The NGL XCF 3000 is designed to efficiently collect and process this plasma, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficacy.


Clinical Success in Wuhan

On February 8, three critically ill patients in the Jiangxia District of Wuhan received convalescent plasma treatment using The NGL XCF 3000. Currently, over 10 critically ill patients have been treated, showing remarkable improvements within 12 to 24 hours. Key indicators such as blood oxygen saturation and inflammatory indexes have significantly improved.

Community Efforts and Contributions

On February 17, a recovered COVID-19 patient from the Huanan seafood market donated plasma at the Wuhan Blood Center, facilitated by The NGL XCF 3000. These donations are crucial, and we call upon more recovered patients to contribute, recognizing the therapy's effectiveness in severe cases.


A Word from Our Leader

"The NGL XCF 3000 has been instrumental in ensuring the safe and efficient collection of convalescent plasma. We are proud to support the medical community in these challenging times," says Renming Liu, President of Sichuan Nigale Biotechnology CO., Ltd.

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