Blood Components Seaprator Devices NGL XCF 3000+Disposable Sets P-2000Series
  • PRP
  • TPE
  • Platelet Collection
  • Lipid Removal
  • Erythrocyte Collection
  • Erythrocyte Removal
  • Platelet Removal
  • PRP
    It provides autologous growth factor and cytokine for joint injury, wound healing, plastic surgery a
    Removal of pathogenic plasma or selective removal of certain pathogenic factors from plasma.
    Platelet Collection
    Provide platelets for clinical treatment.
    Lipid Removal
    Reduce plasma levels of triglycerides, cholesterol, etc.
    Erythrocyte Collection
    Provide red blood cells for clinical treatment.
    Erythrocyte Removal
    Erythrocyte Removal
    Platelet Removal
    Removes abnormally high blood platelets from the body.
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